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Slowing Down the Ageing Process

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Society is obsessed with anti-ageing. Fears abound around getting older. What are the secrets to appearing young and vibrant at any age? The aim of many who are in their 60’s and up is to reduce the appearance and the symptoms of ageing itself; way into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Body, mind and spirit are at the core, as all are connected. The following tips are ones to consider if changes need to be made.

1/ Taking the time to meditate each day will help to calm and relax your body and mind. Finding your own inner guidance by really paying attention and listening to that deep voice inside will allow the messages to come through. Trust these messages that have been received. If something makes you feel uncertain or even afraid step back and do not allow yourself to go there.

2/ Awaken each day by embracing the knowledge that life is beautiful and there is so much to be thankful for no matter what your age. Life is a journey and it will flow down the path that is laid out before you. Only you can change that path.

3/ Exercise is an important part of each day. Stretching, by incorporating yoga, tai chi or any other type of gentle stretch will enable your body to feel and look much limber. If you are able, walk, jog, or swim. All will build strength and balance and reduce any stress.

4/ Sleeping eight hours an night is what should be strived for current physical health and longevity. Reducing noise before bedtime by turning of the electronics and television up to an hour before retiring will help put your mind and body into relaxed state. Perhaps a warm bath which is also calming.

5/ Listening to your body’s messages around food will help to ensure that wise choices are being made in regards to what is being selected to eat. This is called Intuitive Eating meaning the body is sending subtle messages and signals and these need to be paid attention to. There is many so called diet plans out there but getting back to basics and paying attention to how your own body feels when fed something will tell you a great deal of what may be going on inside you. Your body will definitely let you know when something you ate or drank did not agree with you.

6/ Getting rid of free radicals which may contribute to many age related conditions and diseases. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals. These can be found in dark vegetables and fruits such as the mangosteen. Eat the most nutritious food for the body which provide health and vitality.

7/ The skin may show the first sign of ageing. Wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles appear as age creeps up and collagen and elastin levels goes down. Find a good source of collagen such as bone broth or a supplemental collagen. Both provide cellular protection and actually promote healing from within. They also may support cells, tissues, organs, hair, nails and even the bones. All areas of the body need support as we age. Collagen will help you look and feel younger. There are also many skin care products on the market all purporting to be anti-ageing. Find something that is chemical free and full of anti-ageing natural clean ingredients. Exfoliating with a natural exfoliating gel amplified with a natural antioxidant is sure to make the skin softer and smoother and actually make it look younger.

8/Reducing stress is extremely important. Ask yourself “why am I stressed over this situation or this person?” Pay attention to how your body and the messages it is sending you. Stress plays havoc with the body so try and reduce it as much as possible. Even talking things out with a spouse or friend may help lift the heaviness being felt. Have a relaxing massage or get out in nature, breathe deep, walk near the water listening to the pounding waves hitting the shoreline. Enjoy time with your grandchildren if you have any. They have so much to teach us.

9/Take up a hobby of whatever interests you. Drawing, and painting are two very relaxing endeavors to consider. Losing yourself in a painting will have you relaxed in no time. Visit an art gallery or museum or visit a library and find an interesting book to lose yourself in.

10/Travel is an amazing adventure. Learn the language and customs of the country you want to visit. Go somewhere you have never been. Eat food you have never eaten. Talk with people and learn the story of their life.

Life is to be enjoyed and in this busy world take time to enjoy yours no matter what you do. Live each day with wonder and an open loving heart.

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