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Holistic Health With Medical Intuition

Who has heard the word Medical Intuitive? Certainly not me when I went for a reading with a psychic. Her words to me were “you are going to become a medical intuitive.” Her words rang in my head as within a week I was invited to attend a workshop run by the director of a college for medical intuition. I had always wondered how I could combine my intuition and my work as a holistic nutritionist. Could this be the answer? I felt immediately that this would be a path I would explore and follow.

I was fascinated by the history of medical intuition. It dates way back to the 18th century when Phineas Parkhurst Quimby practiced intuitive healing in 1854. Then came Edgar Cayce who is perhaps the most famous medical intuitive. He was known as The Sleeping Prophet because he was able to discern a patient’s health condition from a distance. Thousands of his readings were documented and are still studied today. These readings show the correlation between emotions and suffering in manifesting illness. Over time, the practice of medical intuition has evolved to adapt to modern demands but the fundamentals still remain the same.

A medical intuitive has the talent and skill to energetically scan a person’s internal physiological condition from a distance, and may find where energetic blocks are being held in the body. These energetic blocks may be affecting emotions and overall health of the person. By teaching and guiding the individual through awareness, knowledge and conscious lifestyle choices the medical intuitive helps the individual to improve their health and vitality by actually treating illness from the root cause instead of just the symptom.

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