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Got questions? I'm here to help.

Can I do readings over the phone or Zoom?

At this time, most of my intuitive readings are done virtually by Phone or Zoom. If a client prefers an in person reading and they live close by I will accommodate them. I spent many years at Wellness and Psychic Shows all over BC and in the lower mainland of Vancouver. Due to Covid restrictions they have all been cancelled. Formerly as a Medical Intuitive host on the online radio show “News for the Soul” I connected to clients from all over the world. I do not have to be physically present to do an intuitive reading. Energy is not limited to time or space.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

I will have spent time tuning into the client’s energy before we actually connect on the Phone or Zoom. My ego steps aside and I work as a channel to receive messages from my spirit guides and angels who have been with me for many years. One of my spirit guides, named David who was a medic in WW1 comes through whenever I am doing a Medical Intuitive Reading and his advice can be very uncanny. I will invite my client’s spirit guides and angels to step in. The client’s past, present and future may show up, sometimes a deceased love one will make their presence known. The client will receive messages regarding where they may be on their own personal path and ways to bring their life into alignment.

How long does each reading session take?

The initial medical intuitive session is 60 mins. A follow up session is recommended based on health and wellness recommendations. These sessions are 30 mins. The clairvoyant reading is either 30 or 60 minutes in length.

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