Medical Intuitive Assessment

Get back a sense of well-being with this restorative session. Your energy may be out of balance and at the root of illness, emotional issues or chronic pain. While using an energy-based technique of receiving and interpreting energy information, and tuning into the influences that may be affecting your health, we will work towards healing the body naturally. My intuitive superpower is empathy and I use that to empower you to activate your own healing forces to create better health in your body, mind and spirit. 

60 min session



Reclaim your Personal Power

In this follow up session to your Medical Intuitive Assessment, we will focus on your own unique inner power and why you may have been giving it away to others which could be depleting your energy. Learn how to say NO to requests that no longer serve you. By exploring how you can attract positive energy by taking charge of your own life, you will bring back energetic balance and emotional clearing.

30 min session


The Vibration of Food

In this follow up session to your Medical Intuitive Assessment, we will focus on the life force energy of food. By intuiting the energy of food and learning to select the highest vibrational foods, you will become more sensitive to the energy of food. Listening to your body and allowing it to guide you to what it needs will enable you to know whether you are actually hungry or is your body trying to tell you something. Your emotions and your desire to eat are linked. Mindful eating is the key as it involves the body, heart and mind. Change from the inside happens when mindfulness (an organic process to intuitive eating) takes place.

30 min session


Medical Intuition is the ability to access and communicate health related energy information. No medical claim or diagnosis will be given.